Drinking is the need of life number 1 and if you do not want to be too fat, we do not drink sugary soft drinks but just tap water or mineral water from the bottle (in some municipalities the tap water is not drinkable).

plants are also thirsty

Yes that is true. If it has been dry for ages, plants are indeed thirsty. But do we have to water so often or is it superfluous luxury and we grow so lazy plants?

In nature

Look, we want to sow in the vegetable garden and then quickly see results, so we give water. The result is that the seeds will germinate and need more water to continue to grow.

Once you have given water, make a dimple in the ground and you will be amazed at how little the water has been drawn into the ground, it is only a few centimeters.

Nature is smart and so are the plant roots smart, they will only root in that top layer and look for water there. As long as you keep watering it is ok, the roots will find water but as soon as you stop watering daily, the plants will get stressed and will start to shoot out and start blooming and you will be able to forget that beautiful harvest (just think of that crop lettuce that has passed through). The plants are only superficially rooted and can not find water in the deeper layers, STRESS !!

But in nature that seed will wait with germination after a heavy rain has fallen (if you now dig that same dimple you would see that the bottom layers of the soil are also soaked and wet).

The seed has germinated and can grow because it also finds water in the lower layers, the roots grow deeper and deeper and at drought this plant still finds water in deeper parts of the earth.

watering is an art

Do you have to give water and leave everything to nature? No, but rather do not give a little bit of water every day, but better 2 times a week, so that the bottom layers can also absorb water. In the beginning, the freshly sown plants will grow less quickly because they are busy with underground growth of the roots, but later they get that much more than that. This way of watering is extra important with tomatoes. Nose rot in tomatoes is not a disease but comes from giving wrong water. In case of drought stress the tomato plants start to extract moisture from previously formed fruits. The bottom of the tomato turns black and looks rotten. Let these fruits sit on the plants otherwise the plant will take another fruit for this and you will get many more unusable tomato fruits.

watering well is less stress

Yes, also for yourself but certainly for your plants. Your vegetable garden

plants will always be able to find water, because even in the deeper layers they find water during drought because they are well rooted. They have overcome the stress as a small plant by creating a good root system, so they will not experience any stress later in drier periods. Because of this you are assured of a good and abundant harvest.


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