After a long time, here's a look back at 2021. This year was not a great year for my vegetable garden, a lot of rain, a lot of snails and little sense in constantly planting new plantings of, for example, cabbage plants to have them immediately eaten by the snails.

So this year there was very little in the garden besides the perennials that did reasonably well, such as the fruit trees and currant bushes. The blueberry also finally gave its delicious berries as a present this year, what a party.

We were able to harvest reasonably well from the strawberries.

The summer rained out, we could hardly speak of a summer. Of course we had quite sunny days, but after a few days, weeks of rain, they are quickly forgotten. And usually the sun showed up on days when I had to work for a living. So I was rarely in my vegetable garden and this resulted in a great weed explosion. An advantage was that it is mainly horsetail and it is easy to row (although many will question this). My plan is to pull it out first and then sprinkle it with lava flour which combats the reason it grows there.

Lidsteng(horsetail) grows on poor soil without many minerals in the soil.

I will see next year if I need to adjust my vision. In any case, this weed explosion gave me an official warning on the garden, strict huh.

This year I left a few Parsnips and allowed them to bloom, they became quite tall plants with large umbels where many seeds arrived. I let these seeds germinate spontaneously, which means that there are now quite a few young parsnips and Parsnip is my favorite vegetable, so it looks great in soup or as a puree DELICIOUS.

I had planted two varieties of potatoes this year and they were doing quite well until a message came from the garden that Phythophthora or late blight had been detected in neighborhood gardens so not with me. But they had the urgent message to remove all the foliage from the potato plants. When I harvested them in August (they were late varieties) the yield was small and of a small size. But they were tasty, they had a deep, rich taste, especially the purple variety (unfortunately I can't remember the name, yes I know I'm ashamed) was delicious to eat with some vegetables but I also made one puree of and that was a picture to see and twice as tasty.




You can see the healthy leaves of the potatoes among the weeds. Next year again? I think I'll just try again.


And this is how the garden looks now, most of the weeds are gone. In the background you can see a small bunch of corn and in the photo below you can see the result, quite tasty!

Enough of this vegetable garden year and on to the next with more cabbages, lettuce and herbs.

I want to wish everyone happy holidays, a good ending and a great start to 2022, be kind to each other!

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