April does what he wants

It is almost mid-April when I write this blog and it has only gradually been spring. Had quite a bit of sun but the temperature stayed behind, it was just cold.

As a result, what I have sown in the garden does not grow really fast, the turnip greens have not even germinated yet. And I long for a tasty stew of fresh turnip greens HHMM!


In the photo below, the seed potatoes have just gone into the ground. I covered the ground with compost. In the middle you can very carefully see the broad beans sprouting.

edge planting
Along the edges I sow some annual stuff with lots of flowers and under the fruit trees there is a border with comfrey that I use for mulching.

I use the Russian comfrey here because it doesn't spread and you won't get your entire garden full of comfrey.

I recently planted this comfrey plant, luckily it will take hold and will soon produce more offspring when I start tearing them.


I hope for a rich fruit harvest this summer. The berries are in full bloom, they will soon have to be protected with a net over them. The blueberry is also very promising in bud, as is the Conferance pear and the peach tree Peregrin. I bought an old rum topf at Marktplaats and I am very curious how it will taste at Christmas. The fruits go into the rum topf when they are ripe together with rum and brown sugar, so you always build up a layer and it must be good by Christmas, do you also come for a cup of coffee?

And let the spring come, I'm ready!

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