There are about 400 species of Philodendron, a member of the arum family (Araceae). Philodendron species originate mainly from the rainforest of South America and the Caribbean. The plant was first described in 1644, but did not get an official name until 1829. The Philodendron family is a large one, with plants in different shapes, sizes and colors. Philodendrons can be divided into two basic categories: climbing and non-climbing plants. The non-climbing plants are sometimes found high in trees in nature. If a seed germinates in the cavity of a high branch, the plant knows how to provide itself with sufficient nutrients and water with the roots. On the picture above you can see the leaf of a Philodendron Florida Beauty Green, a green variant but these are also with variegated leaves and even with almost white leaves this is the Philodendron Florida Ghost.Hoge luchtvochtigheid

Especially in the winter with the heating can, too low humidity is an issue. All Philodendrons come from humid jungles with high humidity around 70 to 80% in the living room this is not possible unless the plants are in a glass cabinet but 60% can be reached and the plants will therefore grow faster and get more beautiful leaves. The Philodendron does not like spraying but a humidifier is appreciated.

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There are many species of Philodendrons the most famous species are Scandens, tuxtlanum, micans and bipinnatifidum to name a few but there are hundreds of species. As mentioned, it is a member of the arum family and it can bloom indoors but this is really quite exceptional.


General care


The Philodendron is like all arum-like an easy living room plant, a pitfall can be that you give too much water so that the plant gets root rot and gets a lot of yellow leaves at once. A guideline is to water once a week but in summer it can happen that he has to have water 2 times a week. In between, always let the top of the potting soil dry out. an important rule is rather too little water than too much and this is especially true in winter.


Never put this beautiful plant directly on the south, this plant cannot tolerate sunlight and will get yellow leaves if it is too light. An East, West or North facing window is fine a few hours of morning or evening sun is fine but if you have a South window put it a few meters away from the window. The Philodendron grows best between 16 -27 degrees Celsius.


In summer you feed the Philodendron 2x a week and in the winter 1x per month (dilutes). You may simply give a universal nutrition such as POKON green plant nutrition.


The Philodendron can be propagated via stem cuttings. On each stem piece there is a leaf and a sleeping eye, this eye then becomes the new plant.

Philodendrons are large air purifiers 1 plant can already purify 10 m3 of air. You probably understand why these plants are so important in the living room they provide a healthy climate and a warm and cozy interior.

Have fun with your Philodendron