Now notice in this blog for a small bug. An insect whose humanity can not be done without it. Einstein said it already, if the bee dies, humanity follows within a month.


The bee and the vegetable garden


In our vegetable garden we can not do without bees. For no bees, no harvest, at least no fruits, so no blackberries, raspberries, apples, and so forth.
In addition to the larger brother, the bumblebee also does a lot of good work.
The Latin name of the bee is Apis mellifera mellifera, this bee is a species of honeybee flying in our region.

Because there are few bees flying in the greenhouse, they are heard. Here, then, a bumblebee on the picture because they fly there at bushes.

what can we contribute


The reversal of the honeybee is largely due to a disease in the bee population called the so-called commodity mite. This mite sucks blood in adult bees and then puts its eggs at the bee's dolls. The outbreaks of mites feed on the bees larvae which are thus misguided in the world and thus do not live long.

But the backward passage of lip- or butterfly-flowered plants and the cornflower is a reason that the beekeeping is deteriorating.
At first we can not do so much but ........ to the second one!





Help the bees! and sow itself butterfly-flowered annual plants and of course the cornflower.
Take a few tiles from your paved garden, remove some sand and fill with potting soil and sow here a bees mix, everywhere for sale at your favorite garden center!
But not only do they sow in your own garden but also in the town limits where only grass and weeds are present. This will ensure a flourishing climate for yourself and for the bees.

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