After running 5 K I'm ready for a bit of tinkering. I mean for the greenhouse where it had become quite hot in the past few days and some plants, including the tomato, were having a bit of a hard time. So thirsty. The Olla (pronounced OOJJA) originates from the Roman: the ancient Etruscans and Celts made earthenware pots that were belly-shaped to store food, but were also used as a cooking pot by the Romans. The Spaniards took these Ollas with them on their travels to America and discovered a completely different application in the dry deserts, namely as a watering pot, buried and filled with water, plants could live for more than a week due to the capillary effect of the pottery. For example, she had to water less in the desert, which reduced water consumption by 70%. A lot in the already water-scarce desert. After that, they were discovered for our gardens and also serve well in a small greenhouse like my ACD_eu greenhouse.

buy Olla

To buy all 4 Olla's I have in my greenhouse, that could be quite pricey. I saw them on the worldwide web between 20€ and 50€, so I would have lost 200€. Now I work in a garden centre and I saw opportunities when I was at the redstone shelf. There are many videos on youtube for making your own Olla's with redstone pots but I do it in the simplest way. Pay attention!!

red stone

I bought 4 redstone pots of 18cm diameter with matching saucers. Everything costs me less than ten euros.

Silicone sealant

Silicone sealant is needed to seal the hole in the pot. I used a crown cap from a bottle of beer and put it in the hole and all around I put silicone kitit, with a wet finger I pressed the sealant well against the stone of the jar and the crown cap. At the bottom, I did the same.

After that, it's just a matter of digging in and putting the lid on after you've filled it with water, of course.


After crafting, I looked over my greenhouse and saw a dark shower sky coming. It's time to write a blog about those Olla's indoors. Thus see above...