It's already March and we have already had some good weather in February but in March there is much rain fallen from the sky.

What can you all now seeding anyway?

I myself have Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, spinach, lettuce (lollo bianco) and radishes sown and everything has risen and is growing well.

All the self again after looking I have here a useful sowing calendar (thanks to garden plus).

Don't forget to sow flowers in the vegetable garden because they provide diversity and lure bees to your vegetable garden. There are also species that the lice prefer to be than you vegetables such as the East Indian cherry.



Mid March is the time to get your tomatoes. This year I again choose heirloomseeds but mainly a single F1 hybrid will also be sown, which that is you see later.


Also the peppers you can still easily sow, but I did that in February. I sowed the Capsicum chinense ' Biquino ', the bright red fruits walk tapered to a point such as a reverse tear. In contrast of what you expect of a pepper is this pepper is not hot but a sweet variant. It adds the sweet taste to any dish what boils.

I also sowed Capsicum chinensis ' Buth Joloka ' and this is a hot variant. Here I'm going to be on in the year again a delicious hot sauce.


Two weeks ago I sowed the curly kale Brussels sprouts ' Kalettes '. This is a perfectly new vegetable variety, bred from Brussels sprouts and kale. I am very curious how they taste. 

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