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flowers in the edible garden

Because it is almost spring ... (yes I can feel it) today a review of the most beautiful flowers of 2017 from my garden.



One of the most appreciated flowers in the vegetable garden are the little Africans, big or small, it does not matter, they rid the soil of bad nematodes and prevent soil fatigue, you can also mix the petals through the lettuce and enjoy a colorful salad.




This is the flower of the peach tree. This year for the first time flowered but unfortunately no fruit given, hopefully next year though. The tree itself grew well and has become a beautiful slate tree.

The flowering blue berry, a still moderate harvest this year but the plant is just there, maybe next year a higher yield ..

Yes cauliflower, is of course also a flower ..

The white, fragile flower of Rucula, is also edible and has that specific nut flavor that is so characteristic of rucula.

The East Indian Cherry comes in many colors, in green or variegated leaves. The beauty of this plant is that everything is edible, so the leaf is a delicious, spicy soup. The flowers by the lettuce and from the flower buds / seeds make deliciously delicious capers.

These beautiful light pink flowers are from the Surinamese Poy or climbing spinach Malabar. After the flowers the blackcurrants are bowling but of this creeper you only eat the thick, fleshy leaves .. This is the red version.

Another topper from my garden; the melon pear or Pepino. Sown last year and this year it bears fruit! Nice big light yellow fruits with purple stripes, so curious how he tastes .... still a few weeks of patience !!

And another good song from the garden, this is a flower of the pineapple melon and in a few days it will really be ripe and is t enjoy.

A plant / flower that no one can forget in his vegetable garden is of course the Calendula, widely known so nothing to say about it.

Here you see the delicate flower of a pepper type and the Hot Lemon, received from a garden friend, thanks Jacqueline.

a shot Broccoli, not really the intention, but also beautiful .....

the Goji berry has a beautiful fragile flower. Planted last year and hopefully this year berry, we have to wait.

To end the sunflower with a bumblebee. Let's be nice to the bees and bumblebees and do not spray and hang a bee hotel in your garden.


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