April2023-A Late Spring

The garden after 8 months of being sick. Briefly; 8 months ago I became quite ill, fainted 2 times and then quite dizzy. Not just dizzy but continuously, as soon as I started doing something I got dizzy and I couldn't go to work at least I tried but after about an hour and a half I really had to stop and go home.

The doctor referred me to the ENT doctor because she thought of balance problems but after a number of tests and a scan of my brain nothing turned out to be wrong. But the symptoms remained and back to the doctor he now referred me to the cardiologist and now 4 months later she said that I had an irregular heartbeat and had to take the Bêtablockers and the ACE inhibitors. My heart rate had to be lowered and so did my blood pressure, so I also had a high cholestorol so another pill.

Now after 8 months when it started I feel a lot better but quite tired, after a day of work I am worthless and I no longer perform anything let alone run in the evening or go to the garden. But what have I done in the garden in the meantime? I started an experiment with a woolen mulch layer under the strawberries.


I bought 4 varieties of carriers and June carriers online at aardbeiplantje.nl and I planted them 2 weeks ago, now they are well beaten and full of flower buds waiting for the sun. The purpose of the wool is to repel snails, it seems that snails dry out when they walk on the wool. As can be seen in the photo, it is a thin layer of wool that you can buy on a roll.

what goes well


Here I have posted a few pictures of plants that are doing well in my garden The Rhubarb- A beautiful full plant that I will pick again soon, but let it grow for a while. The bronze Dill- a picture in the garden and a tasty herb for a fish dish. Maggi plant- a ferocious grower so you can pick it, as soon as the flowers come in I cut them out and mulch them in the plant compartment.


Blue Russian Comfrey- Also a picture in the garden and suitable for mulching. Peer'Doyenne de Comice- A super tasty juicy pear, it's now full on. Currant- I have the red and the champagne currant both are delicious the red is slightly more acidic than the champagne currant. Parsnip-2 years ago I let a parsnip run out and bloom, I still pick the pasnips from the ground.


There is always a lot of weeds in my garden in a corner and there may be quite a few nettles growing. I use them to make compost tea, my plants love it and grow well on it. Furthermore, the paths grow closed again with Horsetail, once again sprinkled with lava flour. Dandelions and thistles also grow there, these of course have to be removed, so there is work to be done. But first rest that weed will wait a while.