The first potatoes have been harvested and I am proud as a peacock of my very first potato harvest. Look at the beautiful red potatoes, which are also bright red on the inside.

Highlander Burgundy Red

What a stately name for this red potato and I have already tasted it and it is delicious. I made an onion, garlic and potato dish from the oven from the smallest potatoes.

The white potatoes I think are a leftover from the previous gardener in my garden because I did not plant them.

I planted these 3 varieties in April: Köningspurpur, a red potato with red / white marbled meat and beautiful purple flowers (see photo with palm cabbage)

Blue Danube, this is a purple-skinned potato with yellow flesh and it must be very tasty.

Highland Burgundy Red, so from the photos. A beautiful, inside and out, red potato that is delicious from the oven, as a baked potato and perhaps also as a red mash.

palm cabbage


The palm cabbage is here waiting patiently until I harvest it for a delicious palm cabbage mash with vegetarian bratwurst HHMM .. In the background you can see the beautiful purple flowers with yellow stamens of the potato Köningspurpur.


Oh yes, I also planted a small field of strawberries with different varieties of carriers and June bloomers. these have already given some fruit in the first year, but next year I expect a smashing harvest from haha. I put the strawberry plants in a bed in front of the row with climbing fruits such as blackberry and raspberry.

Some varieties that I plant here are Korona (what a name!), Elsanto and Verdi. This Verdi seems to have a high Brix value and will therefore taste super sweet.


Finally, the rhubarb grows well in my outdoor garden, because inside the greenhouse it was three times nothing. I let it strengthen this year and according to year I make a nice combi jam.

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