As you can see, this is a beautiful rhubarb.Rhubarb is a beautiful vegetable with a lot of vitamin C, B1 and B2 further much potassium, calcium and low in carbohydrates, so good for the line.

With rhubarb allows you the most delicious dishes on the table.

I made a frangipane/rhubarb pie, good joh. Click here to read the recipe.

Lemons are also super nice, especially if you grow them yourself and that is in the greenhouse super good, My lemon is this year in full blossom, ahh if you could smell this once!! Super Sweet. As the fruits are formed you need additional fertilising with a potassium rich fertiliser or with Vulture made from Comfrey.

Early in the year I sowed the pink celery indoors, it is not a picture. The taste is a bit softer than the ordinary green but just as healthy. Just grow and then it is ready for harvest.

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