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What does that mean? Heirloom, it's an English word and if you translate it, it means the legacy. And that's the way heirloom seeds are an inheritance of our ancestors. Before you can name a plant like heirloom, he must be known as a breed for at least 50 years, or be related to a particular place or family.


And for this reason, I mainly breed heirloom varieties, not just tomatoes but all the vegetables that exist. But how do you recognize those heirloom seeds? That's quite easy, because all the heirlooms can get you back from their own seeds. An F-1 hybrid will never come back from its own seeds, so it's never a heirloom.

From left to right 'BlackKrim', 'NorCarolinaPink', 'RedZebra' and 'MalakhiTovayaShkathulkha'

And so it looks on your plate !!

The industrialization allows growers to easily grow vegetables and fruits, they all look the same and have a taste that is found by a wide range of people. Too bad as this are old varieties, often several large fruits have fallen from vogue. But nowadays come heirloom varieties much more often. Just to taste, which are not comparable to the cultivated unitary sausages that supermarkets sell.

This is 'GiantKuby' also a very nice tomato, red with a green collar. The taste is sweet with an intense acid.

In fact, most of the vegetables that you grow from seed are heirloom (pronounced 'erloem'). All the heirloom breeds have a lot more flavor and often look much more beautiful.

For me only heirloomrasses !!


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