Not only tropical crops grow well but also onions, carrots and leeks grow like crazy.


Recently I was asked if I wanted to tell you more about growing in the greenhouse.


our allotments

I have been growing this concept for 3 years now. An allotment complex in a former rose nursery.



The big advantage over outdoor growing is that the season is longer, because there is no wind in the greenhouse, it stays there for longer, so your breeding period is therefore longer. The breeding period also starts earlier because the soil warms up faster in the spring.

Another advantage is that it is easier to grow tropical crops in the greenhouse, so all Surinamese vegetables can be grown there.


Diseases are preferably biologically controlled. Because we grow in a greenhouse, we use the biological enemies for the relevant pests.

On the picture with the beautiful and tasty peaches you will see a bag hanging. This pouch contains predatory mites, these eat aphids, white fly and the like.


In an outdoor garden you get fruit crops because the bees or other insects visit your flowers. In a greenhouse it is of course important that something else fertilizes the flowers of your fruit crops. Here we do that with bumblebees. As of March, the bumblebees are put in the greenhouse and they can do their work.


Yes, a greenhouse is ideal for tomato cultivation. I grow different varieties in summer (you've probably come across something in my blogging).

But fruit also grows very well in the protective climate in the greenhouse.

That's how my peaches did a great job this year. And this year I am eagerly looking forward to my goijibes, apples and pears, but sharon fruit, cherries and pawpaw trees are also growing well.


What does such a garden cost in a greenhouse?

At Onze Volkstuinen you can already rent a garden for € 20, - per month, then you have 8m2, not much, but you can try out if you like it and you can possibly expand later.

I myself have 82 m2 and that is a nice piece of garden with all the advantages of growing under glass.

Hopefully you now know something more about growing in greenhouse.

Do you have any friends or acquaintances who like to work in the garden, let them get acquainted with my blog or better yet let them follow me.


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