in the vegetable garden.

Finally write a blog again, after a busy period, doing jobs and busy at work.

The long hot summer is almost over (I'm writing this on September 27th and I'm sitting outside in the warm sun of 22 degrees), it's still really enjoying the weather.

I take you to my successes in the vegetable garden. But not before I show you one miss,

that's the tomato. Unfortunately, it was not such a best tomato year for me.

I have only been able to make 4 pots of sauce, still early this year. From July I got a disease in my tomato plants. The leaves got brown spots and the fruit rotated away prematurely. Too bad ... but next year a new chance.


It's bad for me, but yes ... sowing better varieties next year.


Red apple


Then I really take you to my successes in my vegetable garden.

Last year I planted 'BayaMarissa' a beautiful red apple. Not only red on the outside but also on the inside it is red, a red-skinned apple.

After the first year of good growing and leading, I guide all my fruit as espaliers (that is a trunk in the middle and the branches horizontally on it.)

This year she gave me 10 beautiful, big, red apples for the first time. She tasted slightly acidic with a tasty crunchy bite.



I had several kinds of peppers in my garden this year and still ..

Yellow, red, black colors and in different strength. Very hot as "Brasilian hot yellow" and also a dark purple / black species from Peru whose name I do not know exactly, for the rest a lot of red, slightly larger peppers that are spicy but not very hot.

I made the most delicious, spicy chilli sauce from these peppers.


They were also a success. They still give fruit, in the beginning Cucamelon is characterized by a calm start. A thin stalk grows slowly, gets grippers and in no time he conquers the position where he can grow. After some extra nutrition in the form of vulture he gave me a luxuriant yield of Cucamelon mouse melon.

On the photo above you see a jar with mouse melon on sweet-sour.

For example, I do not even think much about it but in sweet-sour inlaid they seem to me very tasty (but I still have to taste them).

This was a selection from my kitchen garden successes, there were many more, but they are discussed in part 2, until then!

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