Friday August 12, 2022, a heat wave is a fact as I write this. A heat wave has at least 5 summer days of +25 °C, of which at least 3 days are tropical +30 °C.


How should you deal with a heat wave in your garden? First, keep your head cool, literally and figuratively, if you don't have one yet, buy a nice hat now and wear it in your garden or outside.

You will not feed during a heat wave, after all, a plant will not grow if the temperature is above 30°C.

Water generously in the morning or evening, but if the plants really crave water in the middle of the day and everything is drooping, there is a good chance that they won't make it through the evening, so water them then. It is a myth that your plants will burn if you water them in the scorching sun, the reason for doing it in the morning or in the evening   is that a lot of water evaporates during the day when watering and that is a waste of precious rain or drinking water.

to harvest

Fortunately, there is a lot to harvest and the fruit trees are doing well and are giving their first harvest in the outdoor garden. (Conference pear, Notary apple and Peach 'Peregrine' )

small fruit

Many of the small fruits such as the berries have already been harvested, some have been frozen and the other part has been eaten.

But there is still more to harvest, probably because of the nice warm weather lately, the harvest of the yellow raspberry (Rubus idaeus 'Fallgold') is overwhelming and they are nice and sweet (I secretly snacked on a few.

This looks promising don't you think?

But with the thornless blackberry, it can be even crazier and deliciously sweet, the fruits waiting to be transformed into a delicious sweet blackberry pie.

grow in bags


This year I am growing sweet potatoes in a bag and I have to say that it is going great, the harvest is yet to come and I expect to do it in October but the prospects are promising. The sweet potato is related to the climbing plant Impomoea, maybe you know it with those blue flowers, it grows a wall full, the blue bindweed.

The sweet potato or sweet potato is therefore a plant from the bindweed family. The sweet potato has an inulin-containing tuber, a thickening of the roots. It ranks seventh on the list of the world's most important food crops, and fifth in developing countries, after rice, wheat, maize and cassava. Another fun fact; the sweet potato contains 25mg magnesium per 100 grammes and is therefore a great meal after running a half or full marathon, but who wants that in this heat.

And the gates shutter of this blog is the pepper and it also grows in a bag.

Peppers are perennials and can overwinter indoors in a cool but light place and I am going to try that this year. This way it can grow bigger every year and give more yield.


Place the pepper plant in full sun and in a sheltered place.

Protect the plant from the wind.

Water the pepper plant regularly with some plant food as well. The plants need some water every day, especially when it is warm.

Remove some leaves regularly so that enough light can reach the peppers.

When the plant grows tall, you can support it with sticks, racks or mesh.

Regular thieves, in other words taking away some side shoots, ensures beautiful heavy plants and fruits.

This was it again, enjoy the nice weather or holiday



Your vegetable garden specialist.