It's November, time to harvest the peppers (in my greenhouse then ...). If you had grown peppers outside, they have probably been harvested for a long time. For the last night frost they would not survive beyond. But, my peppers are in the greenhouse, a big greenhouse at ONZE, there are a lot of gardens, so it's still hot and the peppers are still growing. More and more new peppers are added every day.



What kinds of races do I have in the greenhouse?
This year, actually, not so much, but what are they productive say?
Of course I have the 'Hot Lemon' (got from Jaqueline) and every year I grow him again from seed that is self-extracted. It has a delicious spicy citrus flavor and is also spicy.
'Long Spanish Red' is a long red from Spain..hahaha no seriously, a long pepper is usually quite thin and very good to dry.
Then I have another unknown pepper. Highly growing and in the top a plum of red peppers, deliciously spicy.



Of course I make sambal of peppers. I just take a lot of mixed peppers and the rest you read here.


Preserving on acid

Next time, I'll take the 'Hot Lemon' on sweet-sour. The recipe for this is in my next blog.



Hot Peppers and sweet peppers are family of each other a kind of brother and sister.
Both are called Latin Capsicum anuum. Also these sweet peppers have done well this year, I am overloaded with baby bell peppers in the color red and yellow. Nice to hear.
I also had the block  peppers this year and I could pick 4 of a plant in a beautiful yellow color.
There are two spontaneous sweet peppers germinated somewhere in the garden and now this fantastic grow and bear all peppers but should still get some sunshine hours to grow and ripen. I hope that will continue this year.



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