force of the majority

March, mid-month again and the vegetable garden is calling. There is a lot to do. My permit for my gazebo has arrived and it can now be built and this is what it will look like:

To clarify, this is not yet in my garden, but it will be there. I am eager to start but unfortunately I have been hit by the flu. Corona or not I don't know and they don't test because I have not been in direct contact with someone from Northern Italy. Anyway, I have been coughing and sneezing in bed for a week now and eating myself up about lost time. Phew I could have done so much already. such as:

# Putting out my broad beans that are already 15 cm high.                   # Set up my tunnel greenhouse and sow my tomatoes in it.                # 3 more breeding boxes of 3x1.5 meters.                                           # Build my shed                                                                                # sowing my peas                                                                              # sow lettuce                                                                                  But for now I have to look good, as soon as I am better you will notice with a new update, until then! In the meantime, take care of each other in this strange time❤️                                                         I lie in bed in my bedroom, the curtain ajar and a corona of sunlight fills my bedroom, I fall asleep and dream that I can prepare my garden spring.

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