Yes new neighbors always fun and exciting, yes-ha also that TV series that is included in our familiar Almere with the leading role Brancha van Doesburgh and her husband Daan Schuurmans which in 2006 was written by writer Saskia Noort.


edible garden

But I aim for new neighbors for your plants in the vegetable garden. And I planted that last week, next to those plants that already existed.

And new plants in your garden are always fun and exciting, they hit or not and they are in the right place, because plants can also argue with each other. Then proliferates the one, the other near death, so to speak.



I used to have only the Lemon and the Kumquat, which lemon does very well and looks great with all new flower buds that will soon become beautiful lemons.

The Kumquat does it a bit quieter and must really be pampered with a little nitrogen manure such as blood meal.


The new citrus plants that I bought are a Kaffir lime, which you can use in the kitchen.The leaves are divided into 2 parts, which is typical for this species. For example, delicious co-cooking in the rice gives a delicious citrus taste to your rice.

Another 'new neighbor' is the Australian caviar lime, this is a very special citrus-like with finger-like fruit, if you cut it open caviar-like balls from the fruit with a delicate citrus flavor. A real rarity this citrus, has very small narrow leaves and does not really look like his family, an outsider. He remains a small bush.

More neighbours

Another new plant is the blue berry 'Reka'. It is full of flowers and I hope it will all be berries that will not be eaten by the birds! So my advice is to put a bird net over it and I'm really going to do that now!

The blueberry must be in acid soil and the first 2 years there should not be fertilized, nor vulture. They have very delicate roots that possibly burn. So next year they are allowed to be fertilized and 'Reka' has to wait even a year, but its neighbors blueberry may be fertilized with a rhododendron manure from Ecostyle for example.

Every winter after Christmas the blueberries get my Christmas tree, shredded as mulch low, without balls! This ensures that the soil adds some extra acidity and they like that.

higher temperature


Now the temperature rises, everything grows nicely in the garden (everything is covered of course (it is a greenhouse)).

I sowed several plants and the tomatoes are cheerful with their heads already above the ground.

The Coriander has also emerged well, just like the fennel and the red beetroot. Furthermore, the palm cabbage is almost ready for planting.

I keep you all informed how everything grows and flourishes here!

Enjoy all the weather, it really comes and also enjoy your vegetable garden and everything you harvest from it.

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