The last few days the summer is hot in the Netherlands, temperatures of 30ºC are the rule rather than the exception.

My Mediterranean plants and tropical fruits also grow through the roof.

It remains to be seen whether this banana is going to bloom this year, this plant is now 3 years old and could therefore start to flower. We shall see.


The Citrustree is also enjoying the heat, he has a good bloom and now gets young lemon juices everywhere. I now give the plant an extra gift from VinasseKali, which is good for fruiting.

tropical fruit vegetables

They also grow great, I'm talking about tomatoes, peppers (in many varieties), eggplant, cucamelon, Mallabar spinach or Poy (Surinamese), Waterspinazie or Kang kong, sweet potato.


This is the Kang kong, water spinach. On the internet it is stated everywhere that it must be grown very wet, love growing in pots with a dish under the pot that is constantly full of water. But I tried that. The plants grew moderately to bad and turned yellow. Until my Surinamese neighbor told me she just grew them in the dry ground and that it has been going well for years. So said, done that way and see them grow!

Waterspinach seems to be so delicious, wok and then eat with peanut sauce HHMM!

everything is growing

The other plants, which can withstand the cold weather in the Netherlands, also grow very well in this shimmering heat of the greenhouse.

Like the Raspberry. I have an autumn raspberry, the actual name of this breed has escaped me. Autumn raspberries give fruit to the new branches that have grown this spring, in contrast to summer raspberries that give fruits on the old wood of last year.

My autumn raspberry without name gives this year a huge yield of raspberries, and the first I have already tasted and that tastes like more.