Everything has changed, but it remains the same. A lot of people are forced to sit at home, do something useful in the household or just fiddle around. But during that fiddling, the most creative insights are born, so many people, many people discovered the pleasure of vegetable gardening, on a large or small scale, that does not matter. You can empty your head from delicious fruit fumbling in your (vegetable) garden and you can put all the clutter of the past in a row. And I certainly have been crumbling lately. Finally I set up my second-hand log cabin (all by myself) and built a 2x3 meter tunnel greenhouse in which the tomatoes, sopropo and peppers are already growing nicely.




The house must now be finished, rainwater drainage must be arranged by means of a rain gutter and drain pipe, and is then drained in the IBC container for a drier period in the spring if the pumps have not yet been installed on the complex. And the house also deserves a lick of paint, Amsterdam dark green with white frames.


tunnel greenhouse

At the praxis I bought a tunnel greenhouse of 2x3x2 high, construction is good but the plastic cover is less, but well I buy it again new of better quality when it is used up (I think at most 2 years).

As you can see it is quite a nice greenhouse.


What am I growing now? Well, the potatoes are now above the ground, 3 rows of 10 in box 4 of my garden. Every year we are assigned a course by the Flevotuinen organization in which you are obliged to grow your potatoes in connection with Phythophthora or potato disease. Because they are only in the same place once every 4 years, you can prevent them from being affected. What also helps is to choose early varieties and plant the seed potatoes more than 40 cm in the row and 50 cm in the row. The wind can then keep the crop dry.



I also have broad beans among the potatoes, these are good neighbors. They both want to be earthed and the potatoes give the broad beans some support.
The stem green beans were sown at 2 wigwams and I also sowed spinach in summer.
In the cultivation boxes, various vegetables have been sown, including lettuce and beets, carrots and pointed cabbage.




This is an impression of my garden at the moment, a lot still needs to be done such as making new cultivation boxes, making a columnade ie a double pergola that you can walk under.

A raspberry hedge will be placed in front of the greenhouse and the bare spots in the garden must still be provided with wood chips.

Nowadays I no longer give organic food in the form of granules or vulture. Only lava flour is added in the planting hole and that proves sufficient, in addition, soil life is stimulated in particular with bokashi, which first fermentes for another year on the compost heap and is distributed in the autumn on the beds.



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