In the winter the vegetable garden is apparently dead and still, but appearances are deceiving because there is still growth and life in my vegetable garden.

The grow boxes are covered with leaves and protect the earth. Under the leaf, the onions and garlic grow quietly until the frost falls and they have grown to the point that they can survive until spring.


In another raised container, kale and cauliflower grow, if it starts to freeze seriously, this container must be protected with a double fleece cloth.



It's raining outside, it's Sunday and I'm free. A large pumpkin has been on the table for several weeks, I take a good look at it and see a soft spot. Time to cut it into cubes and turn it into something before it is completely rotten. I cut it in half, luckily it is still good. I received this large pumpkin from my garden neighbor S.


I decide to freeze a portion to bake a cake later (around Christmas).

But now I make pumpkin soup.


pumpkin diced,

2 liters of broth (vegetables or chicken)

2 onions

various herbs such as fresh coriander and fresh thyme,

black pepper,

turmeric powder,

half a teaspoon of cookie spices (for the warm taste)

a small cup of chrême fraiche,

For the topping (this makes him real pumpkin soup +)

a red point pepper

2 red peppers

4 tomatoes

11 cloves of garlic

fresh thyme

blue stilton cheese


How do you proceed?



First you cut the pumpkin into cubes without the skin. You put this in a large pan and put it over a medium heat together with the stock.

Turn the oven on at 220 degrees. In the meantime, cut the bell pepper in half and remove the seeds.

Cut the tomatoes in half and place them in a baking dish together with the pointed bell pepper and the 11 peeled garlic cloves in silver paper and fold up like a package (the garlic goes separately)

add the thyme (just the twigs with leaves)

Put in the middle of the oven at 220 degrees for 25 minutes.

In the meantime, let the pumpkin pieces cook over medium heat.

After 25 minutes you remove the bowl of vegetables from the oven and leave the package of garlic in it, this may be another 25 minutes but then at 180 degrees.

Add all ingredients and let it simmer.

Allow the vegetables to cool in the baking dish.

After 25 minutes, remove the garlic from the oven and add it to the vegetables in the baking dish. The garlic has now become nice and soft.

Put the contents of the baking dish in a blender and blend until a soft sauce is created. This goes in a separate dish for the topping.

Puree the soup with a food processor or blender.

add the chrême fraiche and do not let it cook anymore. Stir in the soup until the chrême fraiche has dissolved and you no longer see any pieces.

Present in a deep soup plate, don't forget the topping and the stilton cheese crumbles over the topping in the soup.

Enjoy your meal!

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