On this page you can follow me growing tomatoes

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About two weeks and then I 'll be planting these in the ground, of course in the greenhouse at were they will be warm and cosy.

And Yes!! there it is. In the full ground under glass. And hurry up!! grow!!

This is "Pineapple" a beautiful species.

This is one of the seedlings I sawed inside the house, I will not do that again, I will just saw in the greenhouse in april each year.

the three kinds of heirloom tomatoes are growing well,  but they should have been much bigger.....

Siberian Tiger still a seedling .

Blue Ridge Black  also still a seedling

and the Black Krim

These three kinds of heirloom tomatoes you can follow here how they grow. The spring was very cold, so they didn't grow very well. But you can't force nature.

Blue Ridge Black                                   Siberian Tiger                                    Black Krim