Overtime harm is the saying, but that does not apply to the vegetable garden.




I have harvested a lot of tomatoes for many days. No of those little ones, real heirloom of all the big ones. NorCarolinaPink is one of my favorites. Beautifully colored and the taste is so full of sweet and sour, a real explosion in your mouth.


In this time, of the Dog's days (you still know), you have an excess of harvest. Not only tomatoes, but the courgettes can also make some of it (and the peppers). What are you doing? Eating of course, but sometimes it's a little bit more than you have to weck it

This was my harvest on a regular weekday. Not that they are different on a Sunday. You can eat this all of course. Make a salad or cut into pieces and make a delicious sauce. But I made Ketchup today, want to know how? Here you will find the recipe. You have never tasted such a delicious ketchup, especially because it's your own. Homemade can you put it on.
This tomato sauce I made a few days ago, I have to put the recipe on the site (there is still a lot to be desired).


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