There is still plenty to harvest in my permaculture garden. In August I had sown French beans and these are now blooming more than 2 meters high, which is a sweet treat, but whether there are still beans coming is due to the dear weather gods, if it will be nice sunny weather for a few more weeks then maybe well, we'll have to wait and see.



I still have 2 of the celery and they are beautiful, thick and full. This Saturday I'm going to cook a tasty vegetable soup with it, along with a potato or two from my own cultivation, namely Blue Danube. This is a wonderfully tasty potato in marbled white and purple, really a picture.

There are also various types of cabbage that I present here as a photo book. It is of course palm cabbage, a prakkie palm cabbage and mashed potatoes is so lecker with vegetarian sausage. This year for the first time Brussels sprouts, which will be a surprise, of course kale (not only the green but also the purple) and finally the cabbage type Paksoy

And to finish there are a few strawberries with a blush and very beautiful stumps Endive for the future raw endive stew.

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