dog's days

The dog's days are the hottest days of the year, often rainy and with a lot of thunderstorms. The period from July 20th to August 20th is called the dog's days. The zodiac sign 'the big dog' comes the same period with the sun and can not be seen.During this period, most heat waves occur in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Heat in the vegetable garden

What effects have you experienced from the last heat waves?

1. Cauliflower: Boorders (premature cabbage by lack of leaf), cauliflowers need moisture now to make enough leaf.

2. Broccoli: Too small screens.

3. Potatoes: Foliage in potatoes, early foliage, too small potatoes (early cultivation).

4. Spinach: early spinning of late spinach.

5. Tomatoes: nose root, poor fruit set, lot of curled leaves at the bottom of tomatoes, green beans.

6. Cucumbers: firecrackers, curved fruits and fruit with a narrow end.

7. Paprika: burn on the fruits.

8. Strawberries: Too small, contain too little juice.

9. Ajuin: premature abortion, too little ajuin.

10. Beans: poor fruit setting in flowering beans, resulting in short peultlets with only a few seeds in it.

  11. Courgettes: Dot-shaped courgettes (may also be of bad pollination).

12. Pea pods and peas: accelerated harvest of peas and peas, keep it on!

13. Melons: Rapid growth of melons, keep an eye on pruning! They grow several centimeters each day.

14. Lettuces: brown leaf edges turn must get a lot of water regularly.

15. endive, fennel: premature hurry of early sown, fennel and endive

Well that's pretty good and I've also experienced a large amount of that in the greenhouse, like the broccoli, which made it really bad. I also see problems with the beans Few pods and few seeds in it.


But there are not only freaks in the vegetable garden through the warm weather. One who does very well in the heat is the Malarbar spinach or Poy, he really needs heat to grow well. Place him against bamboo sticks or crawl it up along a rope.

Just explain what nose root is with tomatoes. If the plant is too dry for a while, he will get the moisture out of the fruit. Then you see a great brown spot at the bottom of the fruit and the fruit becomes worthless and soft. Do not go down this tomato with nose root because then the plant will affect another tomato. Usually, there are only one or two tomatoes per plant that get nose rot.

Another phenomenon with tomatoes are the green crabs, they get them if you remove too much leaf. Never remove any more leaves than the bottom bunch.



So, and now we are going to have a break for a few weeks.

I am writing the next blog about half of August.

Happy Holidays!

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