March stirs his tail

March stirs its tail is an old Dutch proverb and most of the time it is true. In any case, the month of March can no longer be broken as far as the weather is concerned. We waited a long time before we could enjoy the sun with our noses again and today we even reach 20ºC. With this warm weather you can even see butterflies flying, a chopped aurelia lands near me (excuse the blurry photo).


My fruit trees survived the wet winter well. The peach tree (Prunus persica 'Peregrine" is in full bloom. I pruned it as an espalier and the lower branch has to be replaced by a new espalier this year, so in July I will cut the branch as far as possible from the trunk and can become a new shoot of a branch, so I replace a branch every year and rejuvenate my peach tree so that it can last for years to come.

What a beautiful fragrant flower this peach tree 'Peregrine' has and the fruits are juicy with white flesh. The pear tree has also been pruned in a espalier shape, I do this because it saves space and the trees bloom better and produce more fruit. Another advantage I can better reach it, because I am not 2 meters tall. It is a Conference the full name is Pyrus communis "Conference". A nice juicy hand pear and it will flower well this spring. I have put a fair amount of lava flour along the trunk this spring and I hope he will now make a lot of pears.


Since my husband and I love garlic, this should not be missing in the garden. I planted the garlic in the garden in October and now the leaf is about 20 cm high. It's going to be fun for the summer again.


The Russian comfrey grows well in the garden. After 2 difficult years they finally seem to catch on.

Now we are completely updated, hopefully your garden is going as well or maybe even better! Until the next blog!