sow in March

Fortunately, it's March again, time to go back to the vegetable garden and find out if there is anything left in the garden that survived the winter. To my surprise there were still beets in it and I think they were still edible because when I squeezed the beets they were still very hard and that means that you can still eat them well.

What also worked well was the celeriac, which I will also harvest next week, just like the beets.

I also saw Parsnip and let it bloom and sow it myself.



This year I am going to expand my borders around the garden. So there will be a lot of Russian comfrey plants in it. I will then use this for the mulch and to stimulate the compost heap.

But I will also sow many flowers in these borders that attract bees, ladybugs and butterflies.

Then these edges should certainly not be missing nettles, because they also contain a lot of nutrients for the vegetable plants if you use the nettle for mulching.



sow in March


In February I already sowed onions, this year I want to sow onions myself and not those little ones but the giant onion "Ailsa Graig". In the photo above it all looks a bit purple, that is due to the light in the tent where I grow these onions.

I always sow tomatoes around March 15, so that still has to wait.

Sow outdoors

Fortunately, you can now also start sowing outside, just on the planting bed. Beetroot, Turnip greens, Carrots, Leeks of course Radish and Spinach and don't forget the broad beans. I myself sow these indoors because the pigeons eat them outside when they just hatch. This year I opted for black broad beans. I can hardly wait for the harvest.                                                           On to a good garden year.

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