chive vinegar and other May delights in my vegetable garden

Chive vinegar

Beautiful, the chives are in full bloom and attract many bumblebees and bees in the garden. Yes, indeed here are the chive flowers in a pot waiting for the organic white vinegar to be poured over them, giving the vinegar a beautiful purple color and giving off a delicious subtle garlic-onion flavour. Of course I didn't pick all the flowers and most of them are for the bees. But I also want to enjoy it a bit, because chive vinegar is so delicious I use this vinegar to make tasty dressings.

other delights

Had a great time in the garden today, picking weeds. It seems like an activity that never ends, but you can clear your head with it and really relax. I look around a bit and see several nice things like that the peas are growing and blooming well:

they are low peas and I put some rice wood in between for support, I always support my peas the sweeties. I love peas. In addition to the peas in the same section, I planted peppers this year, all kinds of varieties mixed together, one of which is the Peterpepper with its pronounced shape.

I see that it is also a variegated shape and I am very curious about the yield...more later. I looked further around my vegetable garden and saw that the comfrey root was also starting to bloom and the bumblebees were enjoying the party.

Speaking of a party, that's what the ladybugs thought too. I quickly snapped a picture of them and then left them alone. They don't need me for this.

After this close embrace I came to the fruit trees. First of all, I saw that the peach tree suffered greatly from the curl disease, although delicious peaches are coming, I am thinking about exchanging it for a cherry. But first these boys have to mature and then I cut the tree.

This photo shows the fruits of the Notarisappel. The Notary's apple is an apple variety that has been cultivated by the notary J.H.Th.W. van den Ham te Lunteren in 1890. It is probably a seedling of the apple variety Princesse Noble with which it has many similarities. The Notarisappel was a well-known Dutch apple variety in the twentieth century, but fell into oblivion from the sixties. In the second half of the 19th century, notary Van den Ham was involved in developing new apple and pear varieties from seedlings. With this in mind, he founded the Luntersche Tuinbouw-Vereeniging in 1873, which would become famous for the development of various new varieties.

Finally, my eye fell on the Conferance pear, the Conferance is an easy to keep pear with delicious juicy pears in September. The tree, which I prune like a espalier, is a sight to behold with its beautiful light green, shiny leaves. For now that's all I had to say, see you later alligator..