Darker days

Today I went to my allotment (under glass) again.

Some things still have to be done, but I have the time.

The bed with roots waits patiently until it is cleared, maybe there will be fresh roots on the Christmas menu. Nothing is better than the sweet, soft taste of the real Dutch orange carrots. Anyway we see it, as said, I have the time.

The dark days before Christmas

Yes, it is the dark days for Christmas and in this time I no longer work every day in the allotment. In fact, I think I have not been 2 weeks. So I was very curious how it was with my field Sweet Potatoes. When I entered my garden the leaves of the sweet Bataat looked sad. I grabbed my rake and pretty easily I could rake the dead leaves and stalks off the ground.

Then I took the spade (because I still do not have a spit fork) and carefully I put the spade in the ground. To my great joy super sweet Sweet potatoes came rolling, nicely shaped and after each spade stitch I became happier and happier.

The result of growing cuttings from a sweet potato supermarket is now being rewarded. THANK YOU, THANK YOU mother earth.

To thank mother earth for this rich harvest, I gave her back a full tank with BOKASHI. For those who do not yet know what BOKASHI is, that is fermented kitchen waste, just look it up on Google.

broad beans

Next week I intend to plant broad beans on my former sweet potato field. This year I start with a for me new kind of broad bean namely Karmozijn. I'm curious.

At the end of this blog i still have to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy, but especially healthy 2018.

See you next year!