Making ketchup yourself is the best thing there is.

It's a long-term work and has not been done in a short period of time, take time and therefore make a lot of it.

Work clean

Start with a clean countertop. Pack your bottles or jars and put them in soda for a quarter of a quarter (not baking soda, but cleaning soda).

Rinse well and simmer for a further half an hour at 100 ° C in the oven. After that they are well disinfected.


10 Tomatoes, of course, heirloom from their own garden.

2 red onions, 'RedBaron' from their own garden.

2 cloves garlic, indeed ....

Various herbs, of course a good bunch of Basilica ...

2 leaves of laurel.

1 slice of yellow djawa (palm sugar, raw)

300 ml red wine vinegar.

3 on 4 teaspoon Maizena

pepper and salt

A large pan and a sieve, of course weck bottles or pots (but they are already in the oven to decontaminate at 100 ° C)

Bar mixer


The preperation

* Put the pan on the fire (moderate) and add a large sludge of olive oil (o, o, not on my list)

* Fruit the shredded onions until they are glazed, then add the garlic (sliced or squeezed) and the stalks of the Basilica (The leaves are kept for a while)

* Cut the tomatoes, after washing them, into large pieces and add them. Put the fire a little higher (it may work a little bit)

With regular stirring, it may simmer for 1 1/2 hours.

* After 1 1/2 hours, the sliced basil leaves and the other herbs like fennel leaf, oregano, nutmeg, turmeric, cinnamon (a little bit) and try out other herbs!

* Then add the red wine vinegar and test if the taste is good.

* Cut the yellow Djawa into pieces and add.

* Allow it to simmer for another 10 minutes.

* Then you are going to clean everything well with the bar mixer or in the kitchen machine.



After this you take a second pan and the sieve.


* Put the sauce into the sieve with a soup spoon, with the bowl, spin the sauce through the sieve. When everything is in the other pan, clean the first pan just under the tap and put it back on the fire, then put the sieve over the pan and put it back through the sieve back into the first pan. Now you have sifted 2 times and that should be enough.

Now taste how it tastes and flavor with pepper and salt.

If the ketchup is too thin, add 3 teaspoons of Maizena (first dissolve in a little hot water).


Allow half an hour to cook.


* Take the bottle out of the oven (watch your fingers, because it's hot) and caps (also sterilized in the oven).

* Fill them with a hopper and close them immediately with the cap.

* Let them cool down, you'll see that the ketchup indicates something. This ketchup stays well for half a year, if you want to keep them longer then you have to wipe them in the boiler for half an hour at 90 ° C.

** Eat tasty, Enneh Heinz can suck it up.