After much consideration, I decided to make the decision. I'm going to leave for an outside garden. It has become the Vaarttuin, this is the closest to home and that is an important point With 10 minutes I am in my garden (by bike) and that should not be much longer in my opinion.


The garden is really full of weeds and in some places even almost a meter high nettles.

My plan is to first place cardboard all over the garden and immediately cover it with wood chips.

And that's what I'm working on now ...

From August 1 so I am busy building a new allotment garden. The spoiled gardening behavior does not apply here, but Blood, sweat and tears.

At Our allotment gardens in the greenhouse (so my previous garden) you were offered everything on a silver platter, Biological control, compost, 3 water taps in my garden and much more. What inspired a person to give up all of that ..

It is actually the romance of an allotment garden complex that draws me into that. Small incidental is that it is about 95% cheaper in terms of rent. And from that money that I will now have left, I can do very nice things in my new third garden.

So this was just a small update but you will hear more from me, you bet !!


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