So much to do, I still have so much to do. it is so true this song by the Dutch Band 'Toontje Lager'. I have to dig up the potatoes and my garden shed has only been sanded for half and then has to be painted in beautiful Amsterdam green with white frames.



In September I also have to continue sowing new vegetables such as turnip greens (so delicious in the stew) as well as Endive can still be sown in early September. Of course sow lettuce and Rucola my favorite lettuce, delicious on a cheese sandwich for example, the flowers are also edible.


rain again


But yes, it only rains when I have time to go to my vegetable garden and I am a really nice weather gardener. Also today, my free Saturday, the weather is raining and all my vegetable garden plans fall into the water.                   The advantage of all that rain is that the rain barrel and IBC container are well filled for drier times. And the garden could use some rain.


Sun through the clouds

It's not all sadness and misery, that's all. Through the angry clouds occasionally a watery sun shines and then the temperature quickly reaches 20 degrees, which is quite nice in September.                                                            But all jobs have to wait for better times, read drier times. And that's ok!



In between the showers, I still harvest the tasty Burpee's Golden and Pak choi beets. Now and then a carrot or 2 to stir-fry with some dish. Maybe the Parsnip is already fully grown or should I leave it for the winter? Speaking of winter, there is also something to harvest. The Kale has grown well and the Palm cabbage is proud of the vegetable garden like real palms. New to me, at least, are the sprouts, in the armpits of the Brussels sprouts I can already see small sprouts appearing, a nice promise for the winter months.

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