Harvest month

The harvest month -augustus


August is the seventh month of the year, named after the Roman emperor Augustus.

According to the Roman calendar, which began in March, August was called 'mensis sextilis' (= sixth month), briefly called 'sextilis'. In 46 BC. Julius Caesar reformed this calendar. In his Julian calendar, a year now stood out 365 or once in the four years 366 days. The year was divided into 12 months, each consisting of alternating 30 or 31 days. In addition, a year will begin on January 1, at the beginning of winter. Following Julius Caesar renamed the service and successor Octavianus, the later emperor Augustus, the month sextilis until August. He also extended that month with one day to 31 days. He would not have wanted to subdue for his predecessor, whose month also included 31 days in July. As a result, the number of days of February decreased by 1 day to 28 or 29 days, depending on whether or not a leap year.


Enough history lesson for today. Because we have to harvest and harvest and harvest.






Last week I harvested the Peach 'Peregrine'. In total there were 6 beautiful ripe specimens (as in the picture). I put them on syrup and that goes very easy (the recipe is coming). I have also taken a nibble, man what a divine, delicious fruit. The pit is nicely loose in the flesh.


Preserving or canning? What's the difference actually?

In my opinion, when making a hot solution (either sugar or vinegar (with pickles)). For example, in the peaches, I made a sugar syrup and put the peaches in the pot and then poured the hot sugar syrup into the peaches to half a centimeter below the edge. Then close. Ready!!
At wecken you can still put them in the weck kettle at 80 ° C for 20 minutes. Ready!!
So I peeled these peaches on syrup! And there I made a beautiful picture!


                                                                                                          Jaa, I hear more harvested !!

Courgettes, phoeh what should I do about it? I have already made soup and grilled rolls (by the way very tasty). And luckily there is a lot of tomato sauce.

Tomatoes were not too tough, I'm going to grow a little less next year! But yes ... I say that every year and every spring I'm eager to sow as many species as possible. No, really, reduce it!

Because I want to grow a lot more peppers and peppers and melon and especially the mouse melon (which did not occur this year).

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