Trombolino d'Albenga

Or tromba d'albenga, that's how he is called. It comes from the nutmeg courgette family (Curcubita moschata). It is a vining courgette with a French and Italian tradition with a taste of its own.


If you pick it young, at a thickness of 1 to 2 cm then it is a zucchini, at least you eat it like a zucchini, only this fruit has much more flavor than a normal zucchini. If you harvest it thinly, you can bake it whole including flour, this is a real treat. But if you were too late to pick, you cut it into slices, just like a normal zucchini, which you then bake in a tasty Italian dish.


The Trobolino d'Albenga is a fast climber that takes up 5 meters and gives an abundant harvest. Another advantage over courgettes is that the Trombolino only has seeds in the lower thickened bulb and when you pick them young, the seeds are completely underdeveloped and you eat the whole fruit.


If you were too late to harvest, you just let them hang and they become beautiful crooked snake pumpkins. If you want to eat them, you have to peel them and make a tasty soup or a nice oven dish.


Pumpkins and courgettes are improved fruits, which means that the properties that you do not want have been grown from them. One trait they bred from it is the toxicity of wild zucchini and pumpkin. It is therefore a thing to never have seeds from zucchini or pumpkins because of the return of this toxicity in self-extracted seeds from these crops. So buy new seeds every year from a reputable seed supplier. I also sell seeds from the Trobolino d'Albenga that I purchase from a renowned seed company.                                                       


This year had a nice harvest, maybe you next year?

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