So, finally write something again. It is Saturday January 13th and that is late but not too late to wish you a healthy and happy 2019 and that all garden dreams or wishes come true.

broad beans

Today I sowed my broad beans, actually for the second time because last year I sowed them too. But that did not work out much, why? I used too old seeds. The sowing beans were about 2 years old and the germination was very bad, there were 2 of the 20. So, today I sowed broad beans again, because I just really like them. And the soup of the broad bean tops (the plant itself) is like an early summer treat. You can top the beans in June (sometimes already in May) and have a delicious soup of cooking. You will be amazed at how good that is. Here you can click for the recipe.

The variety I sowed was Witkiem. Broad bean 'Witkiem' (Vicia faba) is a variegated, richly-bearing and brown-green broad bean variety, whose beans have a delicious garden-bean flavor. A delicacy, soft in taste. The beans taste best when they are eaten young. The pods are about 16 cm long. 'Witkiem' is also resistant to bad weather conditions.



The photo does show a broad bean, but this is not 'Witkiem'. What you see here is the thriving 'Crimson'.


And I have also sown that today.

Slow-growing varieties are better for summer growing. They are less likely to bloom. 'Breedblad Scherpzaad' is mainly intended for growing in the open ground, but can also be grown under glass in the period December-January. The tender leaf tastes excellent.

Sowing: spring growing: in the period from February to the beginning of April. Autumn cultivation: mid-July to mid-September. Sow broadly (the seed well distributed) on a seedbed or on lines or rows that are 20 cm apart. Sow in well loosened soil. Spinach needs a lot of nitrogen. Keep the soil sufficiently moist. Sow slightly thinner in autumn crops than in spring cultivation.

Harvest: spring crop: April to June; autumn cultivation: August to October; winter cultivation under glass: March-April. In the autumn crop, the taste of leaf that has grown slightly more often is better than very young leaves. Suitable for freezing.

Botanical name: Spinacia oleracea.



This, in turn, was the January update.

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