Everything is growing


Here are some pictures (also from my old vegetable garden (click on the picture)). Just to indulge yourself in how beautiful your own breeding can be.

Everything grows to heart like, for example, the Sweet Potato, there is so much leaflet that I think I'll have a delicious meal tonight. (Nice with a red red onion 'RedBaron')

I rightly changed my design a bit, which improves readability, I think.



With my tomato farming, it's going to be pretty good. Reasonable because my tomato leaves are very curly and some are bothered by white fly. But besides biological control, I found a remedy against the robbery, namely EM-5. What is that?? EM-5 relies on the principle of effective microorganism. But EM-5 is a definite mixture of spirits and plant enhancers, which you can buy in concentrate at the EM store online or in Almere in the real shop. (Edvard Munchweg, see map) Inject a weekly injection (in the evening, otherwise risk of scalding)

This 'RedZebra' will then color beautiful red with malachite green stripes.

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