dandelion syrup

The dandelion belongs to the family of composites, which means that the flower head consists of many small flowers. Its Latin name is, Taraxacum officinale, which the second name says is a medicinal herb. At least 250 different types of dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) are known. In herbal medicine, these all have medicinal properties and leaves, but especially roots, are used for digestion and liver disorders. Taraxacum comes from the Latin taraxa, which means condition and "officinale" means that it was previously recognized as an effective drug in pharmacies. You could see this as a kind of quality label. The name dandelion has to do with the preference horses have for this plant. Rabbits and other animals also love it. Goats, sheep and cows use dandelion as medicine.


The name postman owes the dandelion to the fruit fluff that is pulled loose by the wind and can then bridge great distances like parachutes.


It owes the name mole lettuce to the custom that people used to eat young leaves of dandelions that grew in a molehill. Nowadays it is also cultivated and varieties with more and more tender leaves have been developed. The leaves have a high nutritional value (a lot of vitamin C, iron and Calcium)

Dandelion syrup


6 good handfuls of dandelion heads (picked in a clean place)

1 kg of organic cane sugar

1 organic lemon

1 small piece of ginger cut into pieces


Wash the dandelion heads and make sure there are no stems left on them.

Put all ingredients in a large pan,

Cut the lemon into slices and the ginger into pieces

Now cover the pan with a lid or muslin cloth.

after 24 hours of waiting

Place the pan on a medium heat and heat until all the sugar has dissolved. Grab a muslin cloth or clean tea towel and a large strainer. Place the strainer on another pan with the cloth in it. Pour everything into the cloth and squeeze this cloth well. Dispose of the leftovers in the compost pile. Now you can boil the sifted syrup a little longer until it has thickened slightly. This syrup is delicious with water or in yogurt or ice cream.

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