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This year my dream comes out, I'm going to build a greenhouse in mine backyard...


Because of health problems I've got ride of mine allotmant..

starting an allotment

Let's start your own allotment..

April2023-A Late Spring

Spring is running late this year, but in my allotment it goes on.


a blog about houseplants Monstera


what is it and how to use it



How to make this delicieus soup.


It's a hot summer in the Netherlands, what to do with your allotment?

Shive vinagar and other  May delights from my vegetable garden

It's a delight to work in my garden today, I saw all kinds of interesting things...

lava flour

The most important thing is to add 60 minerals to you're soil

March stirs his tail

says an old fashion Dutch proverb..


This is how I remember 2021 in my garden....


After an absense of three weeks there has been an explosion of Horsetail in my garden. Do I have an solution? Sure, I do...


I like all kind of berries , find out how to breed them and enjoy the benefits of berries..


Who knows the benefits of dandelion and how to make syrup?

april does what he wants

It's kind a raining and snowing, wish spring was coming it's way..

Sow in March

There's a lot possible to sow in March..


I just found an abundance of chillies in my freezer, look what i've did with it.

Jerusalemartichoke from oven

A delicious recipe from our own vegetable garden

Trobolino d'Albenga

Such a nice zucchini or pumpkin, it's a pleasure to bread. I love this plant..


Read everything about mulching and soil life.


It's September and what is still growing in my permaculture garden..


There's so much rain nowadays,  work in the garden has to wait..


This time again a nice spicy recipe for a delicious zucchini soup.



All is in bloom, how pretty it looks..


And now Wally can go on the bbq grid..


This is what I do with a watermelon on the BBQ..



Harvesting my first potatoes and there very red and delicious...


How I started my new garden as a permaculture garden, I let nature work for me..


If you're sitting at home during corona crisis and thinking what will I do? Start a edible garden right now..

Force of the Majority




This is a really nice soup, something special..


After much consideration, I decided to make the decision. I'm going to leave for an outside garden. It has become the Vaarttuin, this is the closest to home and that is an important point With 10 minutes I am in my garden (by bike) and that should not be much longer in my opinion.


It's been a while since I wrote my last blog, but the season has started again, I started sowing broad beans and spinach today.

Palm cabbage stew-sweet potatoe

This is so nice, you'll eat you're fingers...


I'll show you mine biggest succes in the garden this year, come on let's go..


A year ago I invited this actress(Kaye Kittrell) to my garden in Onze. Now she has made a beautiful documentary ...


Drinking is the need of life number 1 and if you do not want to be too fat, we do not drink sugary soft drinks but just tap water or mineral water from the bottle (in some municipalities the tap water is not drinkable).


The last few days the summer is hot in the Netherlands, temperatures of 30ºC are the rule rather than the exception.