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Where do you buy you're heirloom seeds

Beginning of the month, the temperature whas very low, now I grow under glass so that was not so bad, but still there was growth not yet very much in. But that's in the last week more than caught up. The heirloom tomatoes grow well and are now on ropes led to bloom, I am so curious what fruit they get. (picture here)

Cooking recipe:

Risotto with Peas and Eggs.

Shell the peas, wich you've just harvest out of your edible garden.

When you've done that you have about 200 á 300 gr unshelled peas left.

Take 150 gr of riso or risotto, put it in a boil wich is wicrowave save, add 2 dl water and 1 dl white wine, a dry one. Put this on the top ability of the microwave for about 10 minutes, without lid.

Then add 2 dl whipped cream and the peas, wich are cooked first 7 minutes. stir well.

Put in the microwave for 5 minutes at 350W, stir every 2 minutes good by.

Then make 4 holes in the risotto and break an egg in each hole, some salt and pepper and put under the grill for 6 minutes..

enjoy your meal!!


This is a non specialized species of an tomato plant.

After a cold start of the seasoning it's finally warm. Look at the strawberries there almost done thanks to the sun.

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