The short chain? What do I mean by that, that is the shortest route from product to the kitchen. In my case, the short chain is 15 meters( I wonder if there are shorter chains).

In my new ACD greenhouse (The R204H BL) I grow my vegetables nice and close to the kitchen, a little more than 15 steps, because my steps are not a meter long but about 72 cm.

The construction of the greenhouse went fairly smoothly, I didn't encounter any major problems. It only took me 3 weeks because I built it all by myself without any help (just a little help from my husband while assembling the 4 parts of the greenhouse), so I'm quite a little proud of myself.

what's in it?

Tomatoes and peppers of course, but also cucumber and melon, 2 even a small watermelon and a Spanish melon. And one that I also grew years ago, namely the Melon pear family of the tomato and potato Solanum Muricatum, a nightshade like.


I'll show you through my greenhouse:

To start with, I have two gutters and so I bought 2 rain barrels, one of which can be seen in the first picture. In the picture next to it you can see the greenhouse, picture taken from the doorway. Strawberry pots hang with hammerhead eyes in the ridge.

I've already sown a lot and the radishes came up first.

In short, this season my blog is going in a whole new direction! Growing from home in the greenhouse, i.e. the short chain.


More next time...

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