I've been walking with health problems for a year now, it's been a long way but in the end we know it's heart problems, so I've been seeing the cardiologist for a while. Ultrasound here and MRI there, it's just not going so well yet.

For example, I had serious problems maintaining my vegetable garden, I just couldn't do it anymore. Half to a maximum of an hour of work in the vegetable garden and I was finally exhausted. This was no longer possible and I decided to cancel my vegetable garden. I also had no energy at all to clean up my garden so I wanted to leave everything with tools and everything that was present in the garden that the new garden lover of mine could have for free.


my own backyard

Then muddling around in my own backyard with pots and bins. I had already sown tomatoes that were destined for the vegetable garden, but now they had to be put in a container. 3 plants fit in the container bought at my work at the garden center. There I also bought a cucumber 'Burpless'. I thought I'd just try it!

Afterwards it turned out to be a golden choice, what is that 'Burpless', a tasty cucumber and how well it grows in my container.

With apologies for the lower quality photo but at the top you can clearly see a cucumber growing.


I bought tomato seeds from the American company Tomatofest and these are heirloom tomatoes for a cooler climate. The variety I sowed this year was 'Gold Dust' and it looks promising. I just hope that there will be a few more sunny hours in September so that they can come in color.

Beautiful heirloom tomatoes 'Gold Dust' from America for colder areas.


My favorite plants are peppers and there is already a large pot of peppers fermenting on the kitchen shelf. It will be there from July 2023 and it will stay there for a year and then I will make delicious fermented pepper sauce.

Unfortunately, I don't know the name of this most delicious yellow pepper, but I do know that it is hot and I bought it as picking vegetables at the garden center.

This was my first blog from home and believe me or not there will be many more to follow because I am far from finished vegetable gardening!!