Starting an allotment

Having a vegetable garden is hip, completely back or has it always been there? In any case, you can't get your vegetables more sustainably than from your vegetable garden. Whether you free up a spot in your backyard or you rent a garden in an allotment complex if you have your own vegetable garden, you are consciously busy with your food.

You may wonder if a vegetable garden takes a lot of time, but if everything goes well, that's not so bad. Of course, you first have to start your garden, make a plan for your garden. What are you going to put in it and do you want to sow and plant in raised containers or just in boxes. Also consider height differences in the form of pergolas made of wood or pyramids of willow stakes, you can even make a very beautiful arch from willows. You can plant climbing plants such as Grape or Hops, but you can also use them to make beans climb or peas, you can also grow ornamental peas against them, then your entire garden smells wonderfully sweet when they bloom and you can always take home a beautiful bunch of flowers. But mouse melons also grow well on a pyramid of willow stakes, below you can see my harvest.

In pots and baskets

Of course, in addition to all the sown vegetables and flowers, you can also grow in pots and baskets such as sweet potatoes that do great in a large plastic container or, as in the photo, the Jerusalem artichoke.

DIY Sowing

Of course you can buy all your vegetable plants in the garden center and put them in your garden and sometimes I do this but how nice is it to sow your plants yourself. This can be done in seed trays, but after mid-May you can also sow in the garden itself, think of radishes or carrots. You come up with a place where you want them and make a slot about an inch deep and in it you sow the root or radishes seeds. Make sure you also have something to eat in the fall so now (May) you also sow kale and of course pumpkin, there are so many varieties to choose from. Also my favorite vegetable Broccoli You can't forget to sow. Also try Bimi. Here is a list of easy-to-sow vegetables; Beets, Carrots summer or winter carrots, Radishes, Lettuce types but especially lettuce, Swiss chard, peas and beans.

Greenhouse or shed

If you want to sow yourself, a greenhouse is indispensable, but in a shed it also works, just put a table in front of the window of your shed and voila let the sowing begin! Note! A building permit is often required to install a greenhouse or shed.


Now that you have sown all the plants and they come up, you have to fertilize them, this can be done with dried cow manure or nettle vulture but also lava flour is needed for the minerals so that your vegetables will soon be super healthy to eat and you will also become healthy and strong. Now when you get the jitters to start your vegetable garden.. Then just start Don't be afraid to experiment and if it fails then maybe it will work next time and how nice is that euphoria! Remember that you can learn a lot from others on internet media like facebook and instagram and don't forget to post your successes on the internet. I wish you a lot of fun sowing and growing your own food, you are doing well, you are hip and you make your CO2 footprint smaller in this world.