Heat wave

Pfff, hey, what a heat. Today again such a hot day, the other in line.

During the day to the greenhouse (where my people's garden is capable) is not an option, I think it's 40 degrees.

So only in the evening to the garden.


I bought 100 tonk sticks online, at Vreeken's. Nice sticks, yes. But did wait 8 weeks.

But well, I could get started. The plan is to surround the entire garden with a bamboo climbing opportunity. Haha not to climb in, but for my plants of course. Here on this picture you see how luxuriant my Goijibes grows. It's really good, this plant must be guided!

I stuck the sticks with a tie tube.

Next to the Goijibes is a Gourgette, a climber, but still too small to be bound. In addition, I planted deliciously fragrant ornamental plants underneath the bamboo sticks. Photographs follow of course when they bloom ..

The self-sown Giant Pussy 'AilsaGraig' is doing well in his pot. I think it will be time for them to grow well in the full ground.

Next year and again I will also sow red onions. This year I put paws of red onion. A success !!, but I want to sow them myself, see if I can manage that.

I have sown red stalks and have to land the ground tonight. A pluksla I have already sown, and I have to plant this in a bed as well.

I ordered the week 2 and so on. Products, em-5 and seaweed. E.M.-5 is against lice and white fly and allows the plants to get higher resistance to diseases.

The seaweed extract should help against 'white' or mildew. True mildew is on the leaf and false mildew is beneath the leaf. My Goijibes is already getting real mildew and I'm going to spray this tonight.

Result follows.

My loyal followers know that I'm processing BOKHASHI in my garden. This is fermented kitchen waste.

I have done this year under my tomatoes and the result is hard growing and healthy tomato plants. With the bokhashi I'm going on !!





My rhubarb plant should also enjoy a rich bokhasi poison in the soil. Last week I made the best rhubarb mood I ever tasted !!

  Recepi only in ducht version


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